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For this project, you will design and construct a web site for a compound of your choice. There are some required pieces of information, but I want to leave most of the project to your own creative energies. You may hand code your pages or use an HTML editor. Your web site may be used (minimum score = 85%) on which means it will be live on the Web for all the world to see. Each compound web site must include at least the following information:

Here is a list of some possible compounds. Feel free to submit a request for a compound that is not on this list.

The web sites will be scored based on the quality and quantity of information they contain as well as the organizational design and quality of presentation.



  • Is the site informative? Can someone learn about the compound from the site? Is the information well developed or just a list of "facts"?
  • Amount of information. Presence of required information.
  • Is the information correct?
  • Is the site well organized? Is the information easy to find and read? Is the site designed so that it is easy to navigate?
  • Creative/Artistic appeal. Use of color and graphics.
  • Spelling and grammar

This project will count 100 points in the lab report category. There will be two evaluations of your project. For the first evaluation, you must submit your project folder into my folder on the H drive. You must also submit a project flow chart and a scorecard. The flow chart should diagram the entire site. The chart should show the organization of all linked pages (using shapes connected by arrows) with the correct file name (with file extension) and file size written beneath each page. Indicate the presence of image files on the pages by listing their correct file name (with file extension) and file size inside the shape. I have some example flow charts if you want to see them. The initial evaluation will count 60 points and I will provide you with a written scorecard which will document where points were lost. You will have until the final due date to make changes and improve your site. You must provide written record of all additions/improvements. The final evaluation will count 40 points. If you choose not to make improvements to your site than your final score will be the same percentage as that which you received in the first evaluation. The due date for the first evaluation of the web sites will be ____________.

See the Scoring Rubric for this Project


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