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These sites were created as projects in Mr. Rushin's chemistry class.

Objective: Research the structure, properties, history, and uses of a chemical compound and report the information in the form of a public website.

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Note: These sites will have interactive 3-D models of the compounds. In order to see (and play) with these, you will need the chime plug-in that works with both Netscape and Internet Explorer. The download time is short and the install is easy.

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By left-clicking the mouse on the model you can use the mouse to rotate the model and view all of its sides. If you left-click and hold the shift key, you can zoom in and out. If you right-click, you will be presented with a menu which will allow you to choose how the model is displayed.

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Chloroform CHCl3 by Alisha Jarwala
Ivermectin C47H72O14 + C48H74O14 by Maggie Kneifel
Benzoyl Peroxide C14H10O4 by Charlotte Kelley
Hydrocodone C18H21NO3 by Caitlin Kelly
Ephedrine C10H15NO by JT Jamieson


Methanol CH3OH by Peter Nasuti
Sodium Acetate NaC2H3O2 by Alex Nordin
Lithium Hydroxide LiOH by Kelly McNamara
Sodium Hypochlorite NaOCl by Matt Makansi
Salvia Divinorum C23H28O8 by Tripp Spivey


Butane C4H10 by Charlie Stutesman
Epibatidine C11H13ClN2 by Michael Agosta
Zidovudine (AZT) C10H13N5O4 by Lauren Jamiolkowski
Oxycodone C18H21NO4 by Ally Wicks
Triazolam C17H12Cl2N4 by Ross Plastina
Psilocin C12H16N2O by Zach Miller
Sildenafil (Viagra) C22H30N6O4S by Will Moore
Norepinephrine C8H11NO3 by Seth Johnson
Strattera C17H21NO * HCl by Ally Mentock
Methane CH4 by Bryan Abadie
Dimethyltryptamine C12H16N2 by Robert Wall
Methamphetamine C10H15N by Jun Park


Pyridostigmine Bromide C9H13BrN2O2 by Cameron Lee
Benzene C6H6 by Rame Coppedge
Isotretinoin C20H28O2 by Stuart Gordon
Nitrocellulose C6H8N2O9 by Scott Stanton


Monosodium Glutamate NaC5NH8O4 by Tom Marty
Glutathione C10H17N3O6S by Allison Yim
Taxol C47H51NO14 by Nilesh Wani


Borax Na2B4O7 .10 H2O by Shannon Mentock
Mescaline C11H17NO3 by Meredith Lippincott
Fentanyl C22H28N2O by Adam Kramer
Sucralose C12H19Cl3O8 by Kate Heighington


Silicon Dioxide SiO2 by Joe Little
Phenylethylamine C8H11N by Katie Hayes
Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 by Emily Gordon
HMX C4H8N8O8 by Ian Hardie
Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 by Sam Behrend
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 by Jessica Golladay
Phosgene COCl2 by Rachel Wall
Methyl Anthranilate C8H9NO2 by Jennifer Alston
Theobromine C7H8N4O2 by Whitney Hill
Rosiglitazone C18H19N3O3S * C4H4O4 by Ben Nunez
Freon CFCl3 by Nick Hane


Sodium Cyanide NaCN by Yuriko Tamura
Carbon Fiber Cx by Ryan Smith
Quinine C20H22N2O2 by Carrie Miller
Acetylene C2H2 by Zack Hobbs
RDX C3H6N6O6 by Rob Mason
Ciprofloxacin C17H18FN3O3 by Natalie Pritchett
Melatonin C13H16N2O2 by Carolyn Usanis
Salicylic Acid C7H6O3 by Alex DiLeonardo
Adrenaline C9H13NO3 by Chantal Moshakos
Kevlar C14H10N2O2 by Chris Walsh


Citric Acid C6H8O7 by Justin Woo
Dioxin C12H4Cl4O2 by Jillian Vitter
Chlorophyll C55H72MgN4O5 by Daniel Lassiter
Titanium Oxide TiO2 by Matt Chandler
Polystyrene C8H8 by Alex Leet
Teflon C2F4 by Garrett Roach
Ascorbic Acid C6H8O6 by Rosemary Hubbard
Ammonium Nitrate NH4NO3 by Megan Anderson
Ethanol C2H5OH by Vib Dhingra
Lactose C12H22O11 by Erica Helfer

C17H18F3NO . HCl

by Reed Malin
Chlorpyrifos C9H11C3NO3PS by John Gottshall
Octane C8H18 by Peter Cvelich
Saccharin C7H5NO3S by Will Duke
Angel Dust C17H25N by Liz Seidl
Methadone C21H27NO by Bryan Fisher
Testosterone C19H28O2 by Sam Hotchkiss
Somatotropin C990H1529N263O299S7 by Sandy An
Isomyl Acetate C7H14O2 by Ben Short
Ketamine C13H16ClNO by Kamla Kasichainula
Picric Acid C6H2(NO2)3OH by Josh Lebenson
Levothyroxine Sodium C15H10I4NaO4 by Ashley Parks
Fluorine F2 by Leslie Speakman
Kerosene C13H28 by David Wicker


Psilocybin C12H17N2O2P by Aaron Lunsford
Aspirin C9H8O4 by Alan Chang
Hydrogen Chloride HCl by Yoshiko Shoji
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN by Rachel Pace
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 by Justin Lin
Citric Acid C6H8O7 by Bonnye Talbot
Potassium Cyanide KCN by Jeremy Freifeld
Vanillan C8H8O3 by Lisa Fulenwider
Emerald Be3Al2Si6O18 by Claire Cobley
Ozone O3 by Sarah Wechsberg
Novocaine C13H21O2N2Cl by Uzma Rawn
Ritalin C14H19NO2 by Alisa Hutchison
Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 by Junius Moore
DDT C14H9Cl5 by Christian Bova
Fructose C6H12O6 by Lauren Speakman
Adenosine C10H13N5O4 by Kyle Heath
Agent Orange C8H6Cl2O3 by Mike Dorry
Hydrogen H2 by Bronwyn Charlton
Carbon Dioxide CO2 by Emily Mangone
Heroin C21H23NO5 by Christian von Kantzow
Piperine C17H19NO3 by Lindsey Wakely
Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3 by Mattie Verdier
Ammonium Perchlorate NH4ClO4 by Jeff Jacobson
Cellulose C6H10O5 by Park McArthur
TNT C7H5N3O6 by Jahan Taheri
Potassium Nitrate KNO3 by Parker Morris
Penicillin C16H18N2O5S by Morgan Singletary
Fructose C6H12O6 by Stephanie White


C11H15NO2 by Travis Meuten
Sarin C4H10FO2P by Carol Squillace
Warfarin C19H15NaO4 by Eric Gardner
Nitric Acid HNO3 by Linda Lin
RNA Varies by Katy Rosenbaum
Glucose C6H12O6 by Nabil Ansari
Rohypnol C16H12FN3O3 by Michael O'Connor
Propane C3H8 by Nick Chang
Sucrose C12H22O11 by Naila Ansari
Rubber (C5H8)n by Evan Pike
Insulin C257H383C65O77S6 by Antonia Brisbourne
Tabun C5H11N2O2P by Stephanie Kilmer
Dipentum C14H8N2Na2O6 by Bryan Black
Amphetamine C18H26N2 by Amy Ma
Oxygen O2 by JB Kuehne
Mustard Gas C4H8Cl2S by Rachel Poole
Codeine C18H21NO3 by Land Lucy


Cocaine C27H21NO4 by Heather Hatton
Dopamine C8H11NO2 by Kathrin Gassner
Ibuprofen C13H18O2 by Laura Johnson
Water H2O by Jenna Oschwald
Morphine C17H19NO3 by Jason Goodman
Versed C18H15Cl3FN3 by Mercy Bravo
Nitrous Oxide N2O by Rebecca Rose and Natasha Kennedy-Paesler
Sodium Chloride NaCl by Andy Stevens
LSD C20H25N3O by Jennie King
Nicotine C10H14N2 by Christy Norris
Caffeine C8H10N4O2 by Kathleen Markle
Cholesterol C27H46O by Lisa Jamieson
Nitroglycerine C3H5N3O9 by Ryan Zelov
Aspartame C14H18N2O5 by Mary Sullivan

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